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What is Moodie?

Moodie is your journal buddy that makes journaling effortless and fun. While you interact with moodie like playing a game, it builds a virtual archive automatically.
Moodie is:

a night light
a smart interface
a speaker
a physical journal
a planner
a trustful buddy

and most importantly,
your daily dose of me time
Moodie offers various appealing options
to capture thoughts and feelings.

You can:
select responses
use colors & graphics
record sounds
do a physical journal
synchronize with the phone
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Here is how moodie works.
[ Feel like your mind is a complete mess? ]
[ Moodie lights up for you everyday when you are back. ]
[ It's a quiet reminder of your daily dose of me-time. ]
[ Interact with moodie and reflects your thoughts & emotions ]
[ Gain the mental clarity during the process ]
[ Build a visual archive and track your emotion. ]
Moodie improves your mental wellbeing by offering:

> Emotion Tracking
be more aware about personal mental status & understand when to worry

> Mental Clarity
reduce the stress by putting down thoughts & plan for the future

> Accompany
a trustful friend who is always there and is ready to listen to anything quietly

> Soothing Routine
help the user to relax and improve the sleeping quality
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Project Moodie