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> Challenge

Converse is talking to young professionals. Not just Work-From-Home, but in the office, dressed up but not too stuffy shoe they choose to dress down that office look. Age 25-33 full time professional job workers.
> Find Your Balance

The new generation of young people who are just entering the professional world are always in pursuit of a work-life balance. 

There is no perfect, one-size fits all balance, and work-life balance means something different to every individual, but Converse offers footwear that can travel smoothly through all kinds of occasions involved in work and life to help young professionals find the balance that is right for them.

Find your balance with Converse.
> ELements

YouTube Pre Roll
Wild Posting
Subway Station Billboard
Social Campaign
Digital: IG Story Poll
Influencer Involvement
> Channels

Social Media

> Hashtag


> Wild Posting

Post a series of posters in different locations around the city. Each poster represents a day of the week and how Converse is worn in different scenarios throughout the week.

> Subway Billboard

Create billboards that changes the content throughout the day. At different times, show different scenes that resonate with young professionals. Young professionals can see it during their daily commute and have fun checking out different contents.

> Social Post

We will post a WIP image on 5 pm with filler text to attract people's attention. Wait until the next day to upload the full official content.

> Social Post

Explain the next day that because our staff needed a break yesterday. Converse felt that work-life balance was so important, and let its employees leave work early to enjoy life.

> Digital: IG Story

Through a short and fun Instagram story poll, viewers can choose the activities they enjoy doing more and at the end of the poll we will show them a pair of Converse that matches their preferences and lifestyle.
> YouTube Pre Roll

We’ll create a YouTube pre roll that showcases two sections competing with each other. One represents life, and the other represents work.

Then we see the person wearing a pair of Converse walk seamlessly across the two frames.

These videos can run before videos like working vlogs and week-in- my-life videos.

> Frame 1-4: On the left side, the person is riding a bicycle to the beach, on theright side, the same person is making copies of documents at the company. Two sections are competing with each other. "WORK" and "LIFE" alternately showing up on the screen.

> Frame 5: This person wearing a pair of Converse walk across the two sections.

> Frame 6: Zoom out. Now we can see that this is just one of the many scenes and we see a collage of videos showing different characters wearing Converse in different situations.
> Influencer Involvement

Collaborate with influencers who are keeping a healthy work-life balance and are sharing their life on different social media platforms. Interview them and create contents about their stories to share.

In addition to vegetarian influencers, we can also work with some of the celebrities and artists we are already working with. Let them share their experiences.
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