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| Trend Research & Eyewear Design, 2022
Inspired by the digital daydreams aesthetic, Phantom is an eyewear concept that explores dream-like narratives.
trend research | moodboard creation | art direction | ideation & sketching | form development

| Fashion x Consumer Electronics, 2022
Bottega phone is a smartphone concept for Bottega Veneta. It is not only a smart device but also a fashion accessory. To enjoy digital detox time, users can use the mini square phone on the back with only essential functions.
3d modeling & rendering | art direction | visual brand language | ideation & sketching

| Wearable Design, 2021
A watch concept inspired by the AVTR car by Mercedes-Benz.
3d modeling & rendering | form development | sketching | visual brand language

| Design for Manufacturing, 2022
Peplum is a handheld vacuum cleaner inspired by the structure of a peplum. The product will be manufactured through injection molding. A working prototype of Peplum has been completed.
injection molding tech pack | mock-up making | prototyping & testing | 3d modeling | cmf design

Project Moodie
| Interactive Home Good, 2021
Moodie is an interactive game that helps busy people to boost mental health by journaling daily in a fun & easy way.
ideation & sketching | 3d modeling & rendering | detail development | interaction design

| Pet Toy Design, 2021
Nuzzle is a diy kit subscription service that offers open-ended bonding & enriching experience for pets & their parents.
creative problem-solving | ideation & sketching | prototyping & testing | graphic design

| Mixed Reality Eyewear Design, 2022
The Window proposes an alternative visual experience to confront the immersive effects of virtual reality, bridging the separated physical and digital world and constructing transitions to avoid being lost in the mediated vision.
technology | ideation | sketching | prototyping & testing | 3d modeling & rendering

IRRITATION collection
| Object Poems x Branding Strategy, 2022
We depict the moments when our most sensitive sensation meets countless minor irritations triggered by the ducking society.
strategic design | art direction | art installation | exhibition design | storytelling

| Creative Direction, 2022
An integrated campaign created for Converse to attract young professionals.
branding strategy | target audience research | campaign development | graphic design

trade gothic type specimen
| Graphic Design, 2021
Type specimen design inspired by Spike Lee and his film BlacKkKlansman.
typography & layout | print making | artistic transformation

| Packaging Design, 2020
Handle with care is a flat-pack egg carton that not only offers strong protection but also allows the user to gradually fold it flat while using the eggs. in this way, it encourages people to collect and recycle it.
creative problem-solving | ideation & sketching | rapid prototyping & testing | sustainability

| Candle Design, 2021
Work in progress.
form development | ideation & sketching | rendering